Manufacturer of Emergency Rations, Drinking Water, Deckbuoy® and Bridgebuoy® Liferings, Photoluminescent Signage, and a worldwide supplier of other marine emergency products and supplies. Products offered have approvals of the USCG,EU Marine Equipment Directive and are also SOLAS and IMO compliant. 

John P Simonsen, founder and President of Datrex, Inc., began his lifelong marine business career servicing life rafts in Miami in the early 1960's.

Founded in 1970, Datrex fast became the main supplier of marine safety equipment in Miami, Fla. and the surrounding region.  Datrex has since expanded its services to, Kinder, La.; Jacksonville, Fla.;  Seattle, Wa; Lancaster, PA and Southampton, U.K.

Today, all manufacturing takes place at the Datrex headquarters in Kinder, the heart of Louisiana.  Other branches serve as distribution centers.  In addition, the Miami and Jacksonville offices function as servicing facilities for life rafts, inflatable lifejackets, immersion suits and EPIRB's.